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"Waste Not 
The Remains of the Day"

~Tom Phillips

Weird Sauce

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Dr. Keren


Mental Health in a Pandemic and Beyond

Weird Sauce is a podcast of conversations intended to make us rethink the rhythms of everyday life and study the impacts of our habitual behaviours on our personal and professional lives. Mixing audio and video content, the podcast will connect science and experience through the exploration of remarkable people life’s modalities. Medical experts and scientists will then analyse the science of everyday life in relation to the experiences shared so to inspire our audience to enhance their life through better health.


“How do you get to know is what I want to know”

Richard Feynman said.

Follow us to discover how exceptional people got to develop essential components to living well and why finding out your life’s own weird sauce matters for health, creativity and success. 

logo weird sauce-01.png

The podcast doesn’t promote any specific solutions, is free of conflict of interest and is not funded by a company or to support a product. We inform our audience on the background and activities of our guests to support their activities  (books publications and  commercial  activities via links in the podcast) along with scientific resources related to physiology and brain health.

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